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New York, NY- On Sunday, October 7th 2012 Fabulous Faces Foto Shoot-Off will happen at 6 E 39th St on the second (2nd) fl.  This event is subject to being filmed for a television show. It is open to the public for anyone who would like to take professional photos. This is great for the aspiring model, actor, singer. rapper who are in the need of up dated promo materials or starting EPK. Tickets can be purchased online at  Various talents who come to be photographed will be selected to gain further knowledge of the business they are trying to go in, from CELEBRITY panelist: Demarco Majors| Actor, Tina Patterson| Stylist to the Stars, Jeff| Super Producer (searching for new artist), Michelle Davis| Fashion Politics 411, Tracy Moore| Casting Director and celeb Coach,  Vincent Lane| Male Model Extraordinaire, and two surprises panelist.  Celebrity Make-up artist will be provided by The Star Studded Agency and Celebrity Hairstylist of Hair Styling by Joseph.  There will also be two Major Campaigns being shot; Positive Runway (HIV/AIDS ORG) and Who YOU Love (equality campaign).  Any talent in attendance is subject to being selected to participate. All other talent will be photographed in their 2 looks they brought. This is sponsored by Game on Lock Ent., Elitism Magazine, Frost Cosmetics, and Jhonathan Pierre Cornell. A portion of the proceeds will go to Positive Runway: Global Catwalk to stop the spread (non profit organization) and Children Fashion Acedemy.


This is an open to the public power shoot in New York, NY. This is put together for all talent (kids, models, actors/actresses, singers/rappers) to gain up to date photography that they can utilize for a discounted price by the some of the top industry leads; including Celebrity Hairstylist, MUA, and Stylist together for a cause; Education and spreading awareness of HIV/AIDS. With the kids being photographed and hair and make-up being done, this day will be on its way at 11a that morning after the last minute registrations from 7a-1030a. Their will be live entertainment by International German Artist Stella G, Native New Yorker, Tamara Bubble, and one Celebrity Surprise Performer.

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